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Star Lords

Posted by tiggrrl on 2008.01.03 at 02:31
Has someone already posted this link here?

So, I know MLK Weekend won't work for a few. But I do have this

From the horse's mouth

So this goes out, to him in particular,

When in February?

The house is relatively clean, President's Day is in there, too. Vacation time has accrued, so let's go.


Posted by jzwondering on 2006.11.09 at 14:26
*MLK Weekend 2007!!!*

I dare you, Masterson.

I may even go so far as to . . . . TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU


I'll be sleep deprived anyway what with the new kid and all.

C'mon you.

gir yay!

LOTW as an insomnia cure

Posted by artistic_chaos on 2006.05.29 at 08:03
I should stay awake for 37 hours more often... seriously, best sleep EVER! I was asleep within 5 minutes of laying down, I slept for 10 hours straight through, didn't wake up once... I didn't even get up to pee! I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm, feeling rested and content.

LOTW for the win!


if we could bottle this...

Posted by tiggrrl on 2006.05.28 at 21:01
After 36 hours of sleep-dep, artistic_chaos has officially acheieved the Zen state of no-mind.

We're thinking we could market the Lord of the Wars as a new-age meditation retreat weekend.

1. People were seriously talking about needing to do it again, watching the Star Wars films second.

2. I slept through Return of the Jedi, and I'm seriously considering putting it on while the_misha is at rehearsal.

Posted by artistic_chaos on 2006.05.28 at 17:51
I had to share this with the class...

After doing LOTW, after being awake since 9am Saturday, in an attempt to stay awake late enough tonight to get my sleep schedule synched for tomorrow...

We're going to go see a movie. We have to stay awake *somehow.*

Don't worry, someone who hasn't been awake for 30+ hours is driving ;)


Suplemental quotes...

Posted by silentr0b on 2006.05.28 at 15:12
From the last two movies that I don't believe were posted already

Gandalf: Gandalf: A thing is about to happen that has not happened since the Elder Days.
darkmoon: I'm gonna get laid...
bridgeweaver: And this time Sauramon's gonna be MY bitch.

At title screen to Return of the King:
darkmoon: Elvis has returned!
aleeceh: Was that Elvis or Elf-is?
room: *groan*

ailurodragon: The only problem with sleeping with halflings is it can be Hobbit forming...
Everyone else: *BOOO*


as people scream in horror

Posted by tiggrrl on 2006.05.28 at 15:50
So, now we need a marathon weekend to watch all of the special features from all the movies, right?


final approach

Posted by tiggrrl on 2006.05.28 at 15:23
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
"Once again, Pippin fails his Intelligence check." darkmoon

"Green Dragon, coming to eat the baby!" artistic_chaos
"Dude, it's a pub!" tiggrrl
"Smaug could eat the baby." artistic_chaos
"Smug, the dragon. 'Oh, a party of adventurers, I'm so scared.'" tiggrrl

"She always needs to feed." (Gollum, about Shelob)
"Because she's always on her period." darkmoon

"Now Pippin fails his INT check, his Will save, and he's taking damage." khanfused

Aragorn and Arwen's kid is Boba Fett!

Orc captain in Osgiliath: "The time of Man is over. The time of the Orc has begun."
"You fail at prophecy!" darkmoon

"The difference is that Sauron already knows where the rebel base is." darkmoon

"They've taken the West bank!"
"Minas Tirith is in Israel?" artistic_chaos

"Is your crazy contagious?!" darkmoon during the exchange between Faramir and Denethor

[Gandalf telling Faramir that his father loves him, and will remember it before the end]
darkmoon "Yeah, at the *very* end..."
artistic_chaos "So close to the end, you can already smell his hair burning!"
tiggrrl "Faramir, I am your fath... oh wait, we did that one already."

"6,000 will not be enough to break the lines of Mordor."
"But it might bend them a little." darkmoon

(As Elrond takes off his hood in Theoden's tent)
"Mr. Aragon." ailuordragon

(As Aragorn draws Anduril)
"By the power of Greyskull!" ailurodragon

"When the Ents were attacking Isengard, did anyone say, 'Run, Forest, run!'?" ailurodragon

"Aragorn, you're totally going to have to admit you're king now!" artistic_chaos, when they go into the spooky cave with dead people.
"Ohhh, you mean *that* King of Gondor!" darkmoon

[Gandalf whacks Denethor with his staff]
tiggrrl: "Dumbass!"
darkmoon"Go Gandalf, it's your birthday, it's your birthday." [complete with dancing]

"What kind of spider is Shelob?"
"A big one!" (half a dozen people)

"Ok, but if stormtroopers were squid, they'd look like this." artistic_chaos

(While Frodo is caught in Shelob's webs)
artistic_chaos: "Is there a safe-word for this?"

We've noticed an apparent need for all important two-person fights to happen on a precipice, in both Star Wars and LoTR.

tiggrrl: "My swanboat's got jets! I'm -- never mind." (Referencing earlier Boba Fett conversation)

[The flaming battering ram knocks open the gate of Minas Tirith, and piles of Orcs swarm in.]
the_misha: "Hi! We're Jehovah's Witnesses"
tiggrrl: "Have you heard the good news about Sauron?"

[Denethor plunges to his death.]
the_misha: "...as Denethor becomes Middle Earth's first base jumper."

Dude, Darth Maul is in the final battle at Minas Tirith! We all saw him!

Thoeden: "Death! Death!"
Several people: "Wait... he's yelling 'Death'? As a battle cry?!?"
Someone else: "Cake!"
the: "Free wifi!"

Theoden: "blah blah blah... there is no victory!"
artistic_chaos: "Only Zuul!"

Point of order: Don't the Haradrim's Oliphaunts serve essentially the same function in Return of the King as the AT-ATs in Empire Strikes Back?

tiggrrl: "Theoden: It's what's for breakfast!"

ailurodragon: "What's a Nazgul like you doing in a place like this?" (Say it out loud for full effect)

[Aragorn arrives with the Corsair ships.]
the_misha (singing): "Looooove... exciting and new..."
Several people: [groans, hitting the_misha]</em>

[Legolas climbs the Oliphaunt...]
ailurodragon: "This is the Climb check to end all Climb checks..."

[Frodo lies in Cirith Ungol...]
ailurodragon: "Are those Calvin Kleins?"
the_misha: "This is the last time I go to a Nine Inch Nails concert."

[As Frodo takes the ring back from Sam...]
Frodo: "You don't understand..."
the_misha: "I need my bling!"

ailurodragon: "[Sauron] is a Visine ad waiting to happen."

The Mouth of Sauron: "My master, Sauron the great..."
tiggrrl: "...bids me floss!"

the_misha: "Oh, Frodo gave him the finger."

ailurodragon: "Oh no! I can't watch Silmarillion: The Musical again!"

artistic_chaos: "Stubble check: surpassed 'manly', on into 'kingly'."

ailurodragon: "Goodbye, Merry!"
"I'm Pippin."
"Goodbye, Pippin!"
"I'm Merry."
the_misha: "I could never keep the two of you straight!"
"We couldn't, either."

...and so, it ends.

Now, we die.

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