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Final Thoughts...

Posted by artistic_chaos on 2006.05.28 at 14:58
It occurs to me that both series do this big dramatic thing at the end where there is a battle around some lava and fire, or um, at least at the end of ep3... so I guess that isn't the series, so nevermind. Seriously though, there were some shots of Frodo at the end where he's backlit by fire and he looks just like Anakin. But then, I've been awake for 30 hours.

Also, the whole battle on a ledge thing.

Orcs = Clones?
And the whole crowning thing at the end? Well, you know, one of the endings...

Um, yeah, I want to make some comparisons and stuff, but really... out of the 14 people here, only myself and one other stayed awake the whole time, and all those sleepers are cracking jokes that are hurting my brain, and I can't quite think straight.

I might not be able to even if the 12 of them were quiet.

OMG, want sleep now!

Posted by artistic_chaos on 2006.05.28 at 13:00
*observes 24 hour anniversary of starting this madness*

We are 1 hour, 37 minutes into the last movie...


Nearly done!

Posted by tiggrrl on 2006.05.28 at 11:20
"Bring them to me raw and wriggling!" Gollum
"Just how I want Frodo!" tiggrrl

"I think Eowyn may be as good a cook as Yoda!" tiggrrl

"Please, eat" Eowyn to Aragorn, after he finishes telling her that he's 87 years old.
"No! I'm not going to make it to 88!" khanfused

"There's another culture that goes bra-less." khanfused on the elves.
"Yeah, they have anti-gravity boobs." erisian_fields
"I gotta get me some of those!" aleeceh

artistic_chaos during Warg battle scene: "I can't help but hear Star Wars music."

After Aragorn gets rescued by the smartest horse ever: "Still not King. However, I am riding Mr. Ed." artistic_chaos

Much unrepeatable discussion about whether Galadriel's age and ability to read minds would translate to better sex.

(Faramir) "Who are you?"
"We are not the Hobbits you're looking for!" Several people

"My name is Faramir of Gondor, you killed my brother, prepare to die!"
"Someone already did that one."
"That was twelve hours ago!"

"Aren't Gondors almost extinct?" artistic_chaos
(Massive groan from all conscious people.)

"Why is he touching the blade?!" darkmoon (about Aragorn before Helm's Deep)
"Who cares? In a little while it's going to be covered in blood." tiggrrl
"It's going to be covered in bees! And by "bees" I mean blood." darkmoon
"Sierra wins the random award!" aleeceh

(Uruk-Hai makes screaming noise.)
"What's Chewbacca doing there?" bridgeweaver
"That was an Uruk-Hai." darkmoon, mangling pronunciation
"Iroquois?" bridgeweaver

Much discussion about the immortality of elves.
"They aren't Immortal so much as indefinite." darkmoon
"Because if they were immortal you'd have to cut off their heads." aleeceh
"And there could be only one." darkmoon

As Ents start walking towards Isengard, darkmoon begins the Imperial March.

"Fat hobbitses, coming to eat the baby!" artistic_chaos
For the record, there have also been Nazgul, dark side, Wormtongue, Jedi, Cthulu, and, of course, plane snakes 'coming to eat the baby' over the course of the viewing.

"Are we there yet?" aleeceh
"Don't make me turn this movie marathon around!" artistic_chaos
"Oh god no!" aleeceh

gir yay!
Posted by artistic_chaos on 2006.05.28 at 11:19
Last movie!!!

Posted by tiggrrl on 2006.05.28 at 09:17
Twenty hours in, and participants are dropping like Nazgul over Minas Tirith.

the_misha is down, having fallen asleep sitting up and then given in and moved to the bed.

darkmoon, rainyadair and silentr0b are down, lying on the floor.

No one can tell about bridgeweaver, although he admits to fading in and out.

erisian_fields and I don't count, because we are support staff and therefore have gotten sleep.

aleeceh, artistic_chaos, and khanfused seem to be consicous, but the lower level in energy and participants has meant less banter, hence less interest in staying awake. As artistic_chaos said, "Now it's just watching movies, and I've been doing that for 20 hours."

Posted by artistic_chaos on 2006.05.28 at 09:24
artistic_chaos: Hey, who's snoring?
khanfused: The one in the middle.
artistic_chaos: Hey, you, snoring person!
rainyadair (snoring person): Whahuh?
artistic_chaos: No snoring!
Audience: *giggles*

It's quite symmetrical, really. There are three people on the couch with identical laptops, and in front of them, three people passed out on the floor.

Also, I'm getting a bit bored. I'm not that tired, really, but I'm sorta bored. The joking around and comraderie that kept us going in the wee hours of the morning is pretty much gone, and I sorta think there is only so much time you can spend sitting on the couch and watching movies, even if they are good ones.


"we're flying on autopilot now..."

Posted by boiwondering on 2006.05.28 at 09:04
the_misha: "Lord of the Wars: A Special Kind of Stupid."

darkmoon: "'Peril' is the new 'penetrate'."

rainyadair: "So what is this movie about?"
the_misha: "It's about eleven hours long."
[Editor's note: Yeah, yeah, I know, that was an easy one. Sorry.]

rainyadair: "I'm noticing a lack of lightsabers in this movie so far."
the_misha: "Well, he's got a mace."
rainyadair: "It doesn't say 'Windu" on it!"

Galadriel: "Sauron, the enemy of the free peoples of Middle Earth, was defeated."
bridgeweaver: "No, he was defingered."

Watching Gandalf's fireworks during the birthday party, I had a complete Hunter S. Thompson moment wherein I started shouting, "Missiles! Missiles! This is dragon country!" I am fairly certain that I'm the first person to flash on HST in relation to JRRT. And if not, I don't want to know about it.

[The Eye of Sauron flashes on screen.
khanfused: "...fiery vagina."
the_misha: "Oh my God, I so did not want to hear that..."

Saruman: "They crossed the Isen disguised as riders in black."
darkmoon: "That's not much of a disguise."

the_misha: "Magneto and Count Dooku: The Cage Match!"

the_misha (in Dr. Klaw voice): "I'll get you next time, Baggins... next time!"

[Frodo accidentally dons the Ring.]
darkmoon: "How Not to Be Seen."

the_misha: "That's it. I've had it with these motherfuckin' Nazgul on this motherfuckin' plain."

artistic_chaos: "When three thousand years old you reach, look as good you will not!" (as Elrond babbles about stuff)

Legolas: He was taken by shadow and flame.
darkmoon: He was taken by snakes on a plane.

Seriously, there have been way too many Snakes On A Plane references here over the last... 18 hours.

This post is now being taken over by someone else, as the previous chronicler has passed out... not that anyone is saying much at this point anyway.

artistic_chaos "The power of Gandalf compells you!" (as Gandalf casts Saruman out of Theoden)

Hell, I'll just post this now, in case everyone dies, and there is none left to maintain the quote file.

coyote blue

All I gots brainpower for is another for the quotefile

Posted by khanfused on 2006.05.28 at 08:39
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Treebeard: I promised Gandalf I would keep you safe, and safe is where I will keep you.

darkmoon: NO! Don't put them somewhere safe! You'll never find them again!

Yeah ... we're fast running out of steam here. Time for the espresso in the I.V. drip.

... and I went completely off of caffiene almost a year ago. Daamnnn ...

Posted by artistic_chaos on 2006.05.28 at 08:34
I think we're pretty much screwed, at this point. We've been cooked a lovely breakfast of blueberry pancakes, but really, the only comments anyone is making anymore involve "your mom" and some derivation regarding "snakes on a plane." The babies are fussy, the adults are fussy, people are getting cranky from being awake all night... for those that are awake, anyway.

I'm sort of thinking there may be a second wind, but then, that may have already occured around 4am, and we may be done for the day. We do still have somewhere around 7 hours of movie left, however.

May the force be with us... and also with us.

Posted by artistic_chaos on 2006.05.28 at 06:01
Well, it's 6am... We've been going for 18 hours. So far, there are only two of us left that haven't fallen asleep for at least a little bit...

We have a couple of snorers... er, people that snore. Or something.

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